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Although DJSmiles Davis has only been DJing for a few short years she has a knack for mixing and an ear for music that can’t be denied.  Starting out as a professional dancer having nurtured her talent as a performer with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, she also worked with Lauryn Hill as a movement coach and back up dancer for Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot. She soon discovered her talents on the wheels of steel and began acquiring early fans for her impeccable music sense. People always told her that she had great song selection. The last few months she has been developing her skills and she can proudly say “I’ve graduated.” DJ Smiles Davis is ready to take her personality and talents to the next level.

Her transformation from professional dancer to DJ was a natural artistic progression that started when she was injured. Her rehabilitation led her to be a little burnt out on dancing at the ripe, young age of 21 so she naturally turned to her first love, music.  She listened to all types of music when she was younger, from Beach Boys to the Beatles and indie rock to electronica. Because she lived a number of places as a child her musical influences are varied and that’s evident with the soulful selections that give her mixes and DJ set such a distinct sound.  Smiles motto for creating the perfect blend, “My inspiration is different every time. Sometimes I just beat match and pick a specific set of songs for the mix. I don’t like to force it and other times I just pick whatever sounds good together.”

Smiles is known for her charismatic grin and dimples that have already caught the attention of America. She was featured in a national McDonald’s commercial as the only female DJ in a room full of guys, holding her own and snagging a nice amount of screen time.  Smiles has also played at a number of incredible private events and she recently did her thing at Erykah Badu’s Jam Session in L.A. at the legendary Viper Room.

As a DJ she always tries to make sure that she observes the crowd at any place before she gets on the turntables.  Smiles explains, “I watch the people before I start my set.  I experiment with what works and I like to change up the energy.  Being able to get a good response out of people that should be the ultimate goal of a DJ.”

Her style of playing always elicits a great response from people and she wants to make sure that she always makes a memorable impression with her listeners.  More than just a party DJ, Smiles is able to translate emotions and feelings into her mixes, which is a talent in and of itself.  So get ready to see a lot more of this beautiful DJ with the big personality and the effervescent smile in 2009!

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