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Dylan has officially grown his first successful carrot this season. I am so proud that he has taken such an interest in growing his own food and has joined me in this journey of figuring out how to start our own patio garden. Since day one he has been helping me figure out what we should try to grow first for spring sowing along and also with the upkeep of watering and fertilizing our plants. It has definitely been a learning experience for the both of us and we’ve had some not so successful plants die on us along the way *tears*. I am so Happy though! because we finally got the essentials together this year. We had been talking about starting a garden for a while but didn’t really take any steps towards actually making it a physical reality until we moved.

Let me tell you it is work indeed- That’s for Sure ! but not as much as you actually think it is.  Our first step was to research online about what plants grew best in containers and what kinds would grow best with the sunlight we get on our patio. That is very Key because not all plants do well in partial sunlight while others like the shade and do just fine and dandy there. I had no idea this type of information was essential to why some of our plants were dying.  I also joined a great gardening site called It let’s you create a journal and also organize and keep track of what you have planted and it’s growing progress plus it’ a great community based site where you can post help question’s if you need info about why your plant isn’t doing so well. I have definitely used My Folia to get some much-needed answers about why my plants were dying. I got great feedback on my dilemmas and great information on how to save them also. There are all types of gardener’s in the MyFolia community from beginner’s like me to well-experienced gardeners who have been gardening all their life.


We also joined a great community network called where we got all of our planting containers from a fellow free cycler that no longer needed them. That helped us out a lot with cutting down the costs of buying containers so that we could put our costs towards buying seeds and fertilizer and starter plants. The great thing about Free Cycle is that when you post what you are giving away it goes to someone in your local community which is great. Plus if you are picking any items up you are not traveling more than 5 miles away to pick up goods.

Gladly at the moment right now we are growing carrots, cucumbers, onions, a dwarf citrus tree, thyme, rosemary and basil successfully.

There is also the ugly not so pretty side of gardening. Our dying or dead plants sage, tomatoes, chocolate mint, sugar peas and green beans. So with every success comes some setbacks but all in all we are happy that we started our patio garden and we are getting ready to plant for the fall.

So what is holding you back from starting your Garden?

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