Pedal Fest 2012 Oakland

My Family and I got invited by our friend Will to go to Pedalfest in Oakland this year and at the last minute we decide to make our way out to explore what it was all about. Pedalfest is a free celebration of bikes, cycling, food, family and fun! We decided to take our son who is very much into skateboarding, biking and strolling around on his razor scooter. So we weren’t too surprised that this was by far  one of his most favorite festivals that he’s been to in the Bay Area. He gave it a five star rating so coming from a 9 year old I know this is a definite favorite destination for the kiddos.

Our first stop was at the Whiskeydrome which had a 30 foot bowl like shaped drome you could ride around in. Way cool and scary at the same time but these guys knew what they were doing and it was like chewing gum and walking at the same time for them.

Our next stop was over at the bike tester station where we got to try out all these cool DIY bikes that were so creative as well as getting some healthy work outs done in the process.

Next Dylan wanted to stop by the playground and test out a few spins on the spinner ride. As you can see the ride was a little bit more than he expected so I was glad he keep the safety up with his  gear on.

Afterwards we sat down and relaxed and enjoyed the great energy and sunshine while we waited to meet up with our friends that were coming to enjoy the festivities with us. Dylan was trying to do his best to relax but was getting caught up with his bubble gum in deep thought *lol*.

There was this really cute and lovely couple that was having their together moment that I just had to take a picture and share the Love.

Then low and behold my partner Bryan’s brother from another mother Will shows up and its time to get the party started *tips hat*.

There were so many cool and creative bikes rolling around it was hard to try and get a picture of all of them since they were whizzing past us left and right the whole time. Here’s a few of them…

Dylan and I stopped to watch some of the bikers have some fun doing some tricks off the ramp.

After seeing all those bikers have their fun on that ramp Dylan get’s ready and determined to take on the ramp*lol*.

Since the ramp take over didn’t quite go as planned we head over to play some giant connect four. Hey who doesn’t like feeling really little sometimes?

Now it’s time to get our dance on ! and pedal for power *gets on bike*


Sara taking a break and listening the band.

This Lady had Mad style and I loved the bright colors she was sporting !

All in all it was a great festival and we all had an awesome time at Pedalfest and we will definitely be back next year for sure.

So When’s the last time you rode a bike ? How old were you when you first learned how to ride and who taught you ? What kind of adventures did you have ? Leave a comment below and hope you have a  great -beautiful -inspirational day and ALL THE BEST !







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