Family Adventure at The Children’s Creativity Museum


If you have llittle one’s that like to create using all kinds of mediums this is the place for you to have a great family adventure with hands on activities for everyone to enjoy. I found this museum through a great resourceful site for kid friendly places and activities in San Francisco. So when I showed our 8 year old and our 1 1/2 year old where we were going on our next family adventure they were thrilled ! the Children’s Creativity Museum integrates creative technology with hands on innovation, design, art and music activities to get your kids thinking. We are a pretty Tech friendly family and we use our devices as creative learning resources with the kids so we were all pretty excited to head out to the Children’s Creativity Museum on Sunday and see what the museum had in store for us. Trust me you won’t be disappointed one bit ! Guaranteed.


They have a beautiful children’s carousal right out in front where the kids can ride for $2.00.


They have a beautiful children’s carousal right out in front where the kids can ride for $2.00.


They have a great welcoming sign in the front that is written in so many different languages. We asked our son where he thought each language was from ?


This is the Community Lab the first place we stopped to check out. This is  very friendly toddler place with mini soft mushrooms and I-pads were you can play with the character’s.


You can also see your character’s on the walls all around you like a movie theater.


Akayla really liked being able to touch and play with everything in the room especially walking  as she pleased.


After the Community Lab exploration we head up stairs on the spiral stair case.


They had beautiful art work by  Children all along the stair case. So much young talent out there as you can see.


They also had some Art displayed on the other wall with Animals.


It seemed like it took a while to get to the next level *lol* but I just think I need to get some more walk and run time into my daily schedule. Any one with me on that one ? haha


Then we were off to check out the Music, Design and Innovation Studios.


You could make your own music video along with picking your own costume and editing your video at the end.


We decided to go with Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” for our song. Akayla got to pick out her own costume and was shy at first but got into it about half way through the song. She had a hard time leaving all that fun but there was so much to see and do that she forgot about it within minutes.

So one of my suggestions is to make sure the kiddo’s get a full meal before you head here and have plenty of snacks you can eat on the go just incase tummies start rumbling. That definitely saved us from the toddler tantrums happening every hour on the hour *whew*.


After you sing and dance in your video you can get a DVD copy of your performance. Which will be great to have for the kids scrap books and you can feature them in some home movies and show them to their first dates *haha*


After our Music Video debuted we headed next door to the Innovation Lab. Dylan choose to go with the Mystery Box – and his challenge was to  “Create a way to give medicine to a sneezing volcano” He had to use to tools only in his Mystery Box that he was given.

Dylan-Opens-Mystery-BoxSo Dylan gets to work creating to solve the problem .
Dylan-gets-to-workand here’s his final creation to help out the sneezing volcano.


Akyala and Dad are checking out the light box and playing with some photo slides.


What little toddler doesn’t enjoy blocks? There is a big wooden box filled with them to get them creating on the spot.


Want to create some cartoons? Go head and get started with their I-pad app.


Akayla wanted to be apart of the Mystery Box Challenge so she got one too – minus the scissors. Kept her content and thinking for a good 25 minutes which is a successful challenge in my eyes *SMILES*.


We will continue our Part 2 – Family Adventure at the Children’s Creative Museum later on in the week……till next time. All the Best and Keep on Creating !


Have any Fun Family Adventures you would like to share with us ? Leave a comment below and we will share your Adventure.

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