21-Day Meditation Challenge with Oprah and Deepak – Day 1

I hope all has been well with everyone and that your weekend was fun and relaxing. I wanted to share the 21-Day Meditation Challenge that I have joined via OWN-  The Oprah Winfrey Network. I wanted to start last night when I signed up but I decided that it would be a better for me to start this Monday morning.

Day 1 – The Journey to Perfect Health
Simply With a Change of Mind
After you get done with your first meditation you’ll understand why I chose the beach for this visual statement.
After the Meditation I was asked the following questions :
Day 1 – Question 1

What does perfect health mean to you?

Perfect health to me is when you have physical – spiritual- and mental positive energy that helps you to reach a peaceful happy state. So that it can allow you to grow in all areas of your life.

Day 1 – Question 2
As you seek perfect health, what would you most like to improve?

I would like to improve my lack of energy physically during the day.

Day 1 – Question 3
How would your life transform if you felt completely vibrant and strong?

I would be able to get more accomplished during the day and I know I would also be in a much more happier state that would help myself and my family on a daily basis. In return I would feel more stable and peaceful to go forward in my life to accomplish the goals I have for myself.

Day 1 – Journal

Please use this section to reflect on today’s session.

I felt after todays session was a sense of peace and love knowing that I have the power to change my everyday life and that I must take that time to do so before I take on my day. Starting my day off this way on a very positive note has already put me in a better state of mind to take on my day.

Come join me in the 21-Day Meditation Challenge today Here. I’m so looking forward to the next 20 days. Have you taken on any new challenges in your life ? Leave a comment below and share the Love.

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