Family Adventure – Villa Montalvo in Saratoga Ca

We were on our way to the Blossom Festival in Saratoga on Saturday and for some reason it was no where to be found ? So we ended up taking the scenic route and we came across The Villa Montalvo luckily. I remembered seeing it online when I was researching gardens in the Bay Area to take the kids to. So we decided to take a detour and take some greenery in at this beautiful place in the Saratoga hills.

VillaAkayla and Dad in the Grass

I’ll race you to the top Dad.Akayla Racing DadAllmost there !

Community Bird House LivingCommunity bird house living.

Good Things come to those who CreateGood things come to those who Create *indeed they do* .

Yellow Flowers

They had beautiful flowers blooming every where.

Lady Statue

Next we head to the garden to check out out the flowers and plants.

Villa from Afar

Red Plant

 Garden Statue


Akayla touching the Yellow Flower copy

Akayla likes to inspect the flowers when we visit gardens.

Dad and Akayla looking at flowers

Looking closely at the colorful flowers.

Art in the Garden

A sculpture down the walk way.

Aloe Vera Plant

I think this was an Aloe Vera plant? Wasn’t too sure though ?

Gnome hide out

I was waiting for the Gnome to pop out and start offering me trip rewards *LOL*.

Statue Couple copy

I felt like we were stepping back into Roman times with all these beautiful statues.

Make a Ripple

So I threw a rock in the pond and made one.

Blue Bird in water

Overall this was a very Green – Beautiful – Peaceful place with tons of space for our little one to run around and play. We definitely will be coming back here sometime soon to go hiking on the trails and see what else this beautiful place has to offer.

Have any New Adventures you’d like to share ? Come and share the Love and leave a comment below.

“All the Best” Enspired Visions

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