What is your full name ?

People know me as Alexis Lavina Rae Augustine but that was after my name change in elementary  school. Long story but the name I was born with was Lavina -Alexis -Rae -Tenorio.

How old are you ?

Snap ! I actually had to think about that question for a moment *lol*. Technically I’m 31 in earth human years but my spirit feels about 23 give or take.

Where were you born ?

I was born in Cuba New Mexico and my roots grew in Cochiti Pueblo and Santo Domingo Pueblo.

Where do you live right now?

I currently live in Shark City aka San Jose California.




Where have your Passions led you ?

Oh My goodness…Where do I begin ?!  I Love creating in all forms of that word. I first started using my creative passions in fashion where I became a self taught makeup artist, hair and fashion stylist in my early 20’s. I had a great experience in that industry but my passion started to take a different direction after my son was born in 2004.

I started making plans to create a company called “Enspired Visions” so I could create Accessories, Art and Clothing. I went back home to give my gift to my community at Gathering of Nations in 2008 where my seed was planted and also to build a bridge between the two worlds that made me who I am today. New Mexico and the Bay Area -My two homes. Also to Enspire women all over the world to use their creative passions to help their communities, family and especially our children.








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