Family Adventure – San Francisco Zoo

This past weekend we were able to take a trip up to the city to the San Francisco Zoo and although it wasn’t the best weather it turned out to be a pretty nice way to spend the day..

Since you never really know how the weather is going to go in SF ? I highly suggest to put some layers on so that way if it does get warmer you can always de layer if need be. Once we got inside the Zoo it started to warm up and we didn’t have to wear our jackets anymore till the end of our adventure.

We got their about 1:30pm and the parking lot was full so we parked on the street next to the Zoo which had available parking at no cost *which was nice*.

The park is located right next to the beach and you can even walk across the street and have some snacks or lunch their before you head into the park. Unfortunately the weather was pretty windy and I’m not one for cold wind so we decided to side track that idea and go straight into the Zoo.

We first headed to see the Hippo’s habitat and luckily they were up  taking baths.

Hippo taking a bath

The Hippo was up and very active.

Hippo copy

 Next it was time to play with the Hippo sculptures.

Akayla having a moment with the Hippo

The little kids were Loving using the Hippo as a slide.

Akayla lauging with the Hippos copy

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Family Adventure – Villa Montalvo in Saratoga Ca

We were on our way to the Blossom Festival in Saratoga on Saturday and for some reason it was no where to be found ? So we ended up taking the scenic route and we came across The Villa Montalvo luckily. I remembered seeing it online when I was researching gardens in the Bay Area to take the kids to. So we decided to take a detour and take some greenery in at this beautiful place in the Saratoga hills.

VillaAkayla and Dad in the Grass

I’ll race you to the top Dad.Akayla Racing DadAllmost there !

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